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CFDs Made Simple Book 

A 'Must Have' for Traders

Every now and then a book comes along that is a ‘must have’ for traders. This is one of those books, clearly and cleverly written by advanced traders so that everyone will get something from it.

This is THE book for CFD trading.

Alan Oliver - Trader & Coach, Author - Trading With The Gods


FROM: Jeff Cartridge & Ashley Jessen,

CFDs Made Simple book

You are probably already aware of the fact that trading Contracts for Difference enables you to leverage your trading dollars on both the local and global stock markets.

CFDs Made Simple is an essential guide for anyone who wants to gain a complete understanding of what CFDs are and how they might fit into your investment portfolio.

For those of you who have been around the markets for a while, you'll have heard stories of people making lots of money and people also losing money. Given that CFDs are a leveraged instrument, like options or futures, it is essential you get all the facts before you commit your hard earned dollars. Hence the book 'CFDs Made Simple - Simple, easy to understand strategies anyone can use for success'.

Trading Contracts for Difference takes skill and patience and when you model the skill sets of professional traders then you greatly put the odds in your favour and CFDs Made Simple is your key to the door to building your successful foundation.

You may be thinking a book titled CFDs Made Simple is for beginners but you can be assured that it not only contains the foundation for successful trading, but will step you through advanced trading strategies and money management techniques to really boost your trading potential.

Give Your CFD Trading The Best Possible Chance By
Learning From People Who Have Been Trading CFDs
Since They First Launched Here In Australia in 2002


The reality is many websites will sell you the idea of how easy it is to not only replace your current income but multiply your profits exponentially year after year. Unfortunately these fantastic marketer's are very rarely grounded in reality of what it actually takes to trade for a living.

Both Ashley and Jeff have not only traded millions of dollars worth of CFDs, Indices & Forex over the last decade but have also traded full-time and experienced first-hand the incredible highs and lows that putting real money on the line gives you.

So who exactly are Jeff and Ashley and how can they help you become a smart CFD trader?

When CFDs first launched here in Australia Ashley was one of the first 10 CFD traders in the country and traded CFDs full-time with a team of other traders out of an office in Bondi Junction overlooking the picturesque Sydney Harbour.

Whilst Jeff was a late CFD bloomer he did in fact begin trading Contracts for Difference in late 2002 after successfully trading stocks and options. Not only is Jeff a successful trader in his own right but he is also the author of one of the most popular CFD books in the market called ‘Supercharge Your Trading with CFDs’.

Both Ashley and Jeff have spent the last decade not only trading stocks, options, CFDs, forex and indices but have literally taught tens of thousands of traders all around Australia how to become more strategic, smart and consistent traders.

As a result, both Jeff and Ashley have teamed up and provided their 16 years of combined CFD trading experience in their brand new book...

CFDs Made Simple book

CFDs Made Simple

Simple, Easy To Understand Strategies Anyone Can Use For Success


Together Jeff and Ashley have co-authored an online e-book titled ‘7 Powerful Secrets for CFD Success’, and Jeff has two prominent signal alerts for CFD traders targeting the NASDAQ index and a mechanical pattern recognition system on the Australian market.

As a result John Wiley & Sons approached Jeff and Ashley and asked them to write a book about CFDs in a simple to understand format and include strategies any trader could use to put the probabilities in their favour.

CFDs Made Simple is Jeff and Ashley’s most up-to-date book on their latest CFD trading strategies for success and covers everything you need to know about trading Contracts for Difference irrespective of whether you have never traded a stock or CFD before, dabbled in CFDs or have been trading CFDs full-time for a couple of years.

Opportunity to tap directly into the minds of
Australia's leading CFD experts.

You could not find a more experienced pair of CFD traders and educators than Ashley and Jeff. I have known these guys for more than a decade on a professional level, and they have been at the forefront of the CFD market since it was first introduced in Australia.

To have their collated wealth of experience put to paper, and succinctly outlined in this book, is an opportunity to tap directly into the minds of Australia’s leading CFD experts.

Matt Brown Private Trader & Professional Analyst

Ashley and Jeff have a real passion and dedication to helping traders at all levels of expertise rise to the challenge and become more confident and consistent traders and put the fun back into the game.

Not only are you going to get a wealth of useful trading strategies but these strategies are going to be presented in an extremely simple to understand format allowing you to implement them quickly into your trading toolbox.

After reading the new book CFDs Made Simple, here is what you will know:

  • What it takes to become a successful CFD trader and the exact foundation that is consistent among all professional traders
  • The critical character traits that are required for CFD success or in fact any success you will have as a trader
  • Counter trend trading techniques and strategies enabling you to take advantage of imminent reversals, especially across the large cap stocks how you can take advantage of extreme market action when markets are either parabolic and flying to new heights or getting decimated and falling like a stone
  • System trading at its best, including Turtle soup, where we turned the turtles trading strategy upside down and trade on an Donchian channel breakout to the downside including the actual equity curve
  • How to maximise your opportunities in trending markets across indices, commodities and currencies and which indicators work best in these types of markets
  • Patterns in the Australian market that are seasonal and repeat time and time again, significantly putting the odds in your favour
  • How to identify any mid-cap Shares that have the potential to trend by identifying some fundamental data like return on equity (ROE) and whether or not the company is ‘cheap’
  • One of the strategies that many traders cut their teeth on which is breakout trading small cap stocks
  • Dividend trading strategies allowing you to know exactly when to step up your CFD trading efforts
  • Discover which chart patterns have been tested to be far better than others allowing you to concentrate only on high probability opportunities
  • Strategy based techniques and why it might be emotionally more suitable for you to stick to a mechanical based trading system


Having had the opportunity of teaching thousands upon thousands of CFD traders over the years, Jeff and Ashley are well-positioned to discuss what the common CFD mistakes are but more importantly how you as a CFD trader can avoid them.

CFDs Made Simple covers the greatest challenges CFD
traders encounter and more importantly, how to avoid them.

Some of the ideas discussed include:

  • The downfall of trading untested ideas and how you can turn this around to your advantage
  • Why over trading will be the fastest way to deplete your CFD trading account balance and how you can rid yourself of this debilitating problem
  • The silent and deadly trap of chasing trade entries and why this is usually a quick route to the poorhouse
  • How to identify the right balance of cutting losses with out over doing it, allowing you to have plenty of wiggle room for stocks to move in your favour
  • Why trading too big too soon and banking large profits can actually lead to your downfall
  • How to get back on the horse when you know a positive move is imminent but your stop loss just took you out
  • How to overcome the emotions that trading throws at you when losing and equally so when you're winning strategies to eliminate mistakes which could cost you your whole months worth of profits

Obviously a CFDs Made Simple book wouldn't do anyone any justice if it didn't cover everything you need-to-know about trading share CFDs, forex, indices, sectors and commodity CFDs. In their latest book you will learn:

  • Everything in need-to-know about trading CFDs including what is a CFD, what is a derivative, how to profit or make a loss with CFDs and more importantly who should and should not be trading CFDs
  • What is shortselling and how you can identify market downturns and take advantage of falling markets
  • How to come to grips with share CFDs, index CFDs, commodity CFDs and foreign exchange CFDs so you can find the perfect market to suit your style of trading and temperament
  • How to make the move from shares to CFDs, options to CFDs and the advantage of trading CFDs versus trading the futures market
  • Discover why people trade CFDs and what the main benefits of trading Contracts for Difference are as well as the disadvantages
  • What are the trading costs associated with Contracts for Difference and what you must know about these trading costs in order to protect yourself
  • CFD finance, understanding currency exposures and coming to grips with exactly how margin works in your account
  • Dividends, corporate actions and using CFDs as a hedging tool
  • Advantages and disadvantages of both direct market access CFDs and using the market-maker model


Successful businesses around the world all have the right
foundation with which they've built their incredible enterprises
and your CFD trading business is no different.

In this section you will learn:

  • How to establish a solid trading plan to use in your CFD trading business
  • Discover how to trade your edge and utilise that in every part of your trading plan to make your life much easier
  • How to set realistic trading goals by establishing strict and effective leverage control techniques to ensure you maximise your opportunities when you're winning and minimise your losses during periods of drawdown
  • How to double or triple your stock market returns using leverage but do keep in mind this has the effect of doubling or tripling your potential downside or what traders commonly refer to as drawdown
  • The best computer set up for your CFD trading business and what you need to take into account to establish a smooth running operation

Once you have established your CFD trading business
plan and outlined clear and specific goals, you are
going to need specific strategies to take there.

In this section will take you on a journey to learn core CFD trading skills like:

  • The full suite of analysis including economic, fundamental, technical and qualitative analysis
  • Position sizing strategies you can employ taking into account the average true range
  • How to establish low-risk entry techniques using a range of tools and techniques to put the odds in your favour
  • 4 specific exit strategies allowing you to cut your losses off short and methods to help you get out of periods of drawdown
  • Advanced techniques of scaling in and pyramiding to add to winning positions, knowing when to a hold and strategies around scaling out both in profit and in losing trades
  • 6 core strategies all based around taking profits as this is one of the most emotionally difficult parts to trading success
  • You’ll also learn what you require when building your CFD trading plan and how to keep records, allowing you to stay on track and move towards your goals

And that's not all, this is only a brief glimpse of what Ashley and Jeff have been able to jam inside the pages of CFDs Made Simple.

No doubt you can see that the lessons, strategies and techniques contained in this book are incredibly valuable for anyone looking to gain a full understanding when trading share CFDs, index CFDs, forex CFDs or commodity CFDs.

Jeff and Ashley's number-one mandate when asked to create CFDs Made Simple, was to make sure the content was simple, easy to understand and had real-world CFD trading strategies backed by accurate facts and figures anyone can implement.

You now have the opportunity to get your very own copy of CFDs Made Simple, allowing you to fully appreciate and understand the power that CFDs offer to your portfolio when used in a responsible and business like manner.

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"If you get one CFD book then you must get this one."

- Eva Diaz, Sydney Australia -
Author Real Traders, Real Lives, Real Money & Real Traders 2

“This is a great starting point if you are considering the world of trading CFD’s. It is easy to understand and not full of indecipherable jargon.

Importantly, Ashley and Jeff discuss the risks in trading CFD’s as well as the opportunities available through preparation and discipline.

To gain a balanced and comprehensive overview of trading CFD’s, I highly recommend you start by reading this book.”

David Hobart
Managing Director, Blue Sky Apeiron (
Winner, Best Emerging Manager, Australian Hedge Fund Awards 2009.

“This book is a practical guide to trading and using Contracts for Difference (CFD). It also does a good job of summarizing the history of CFD’s. Newcomers to this type of trading will learn the basics of trading CFD’s and placing orders with brokerages. Moreover, traders of all types will learn techniques that will help them in their trade development.”

Scott Brown – President of MetaStock

Successful CFD trading requires...effort, discipline, market knowledge, the right market attitude - and, importantly, a solid grasp of the mechanics of CFDs.

The book takes you through the workings of CFDs, trading methodology and what you should look for in a CFD broker. And the being independent traders and coaches themselves with many years of trading experience, the authors know about the psychology of trading - the pressures and the pitfalls.

This book can teach you how to trade CFDs and the basics of technical analysis and demonstrate how proper risk management can make the difference between success and failure.

Andy Richardson

CFD’s Made Simple by Ashley Jessen & Jeff Cartridge...Finally someone wrote a book on CFD’s we can all understand...10 out of 10.

If you want to be successful trading CFD’s then this book is a must, even for the experienced trader. The message is loud and clear in Chapter 5, you’ll agree with me I’m sure when you read it that this message alone if implemented will be responsible for your success and if not implemented your failure as a trader. The examples used are so straightforward you will be able to implement them immediately into your trading plan.

I liked the easy to understand everyday comparative explanations used to help the reader understand very clearly the point or explanation being made along with regular Tips throughout each chapter which actually helped summarise the points you have just read, this made comprehending and clearly understanding each chapter so much easier.

The authors have achieved what they set out to do and have made it just that, simple, easy and clear to the reader that this is not a complicated subject, they have taken the time to understand that their readers require a simplified explanation on the workings of Contracts for Difference (CFD’s) and they have delivered.

Keith O’Mara
Analyst /Trader

CFDs made simple offers beginners through to advanced traders a complete approach to trading CFDs. Written to allow novice traders the knowledge to confidently tackle trading the often over complicated world of CFDs, this book is a great starting point. Basic trading principles are outlined, leading into the more complicated aspects of trading.

This straight forward, concise trading book is also a valuable resource for all traders looking to broaden their trading into cfds. The book teaches intermediate through to advanced traders some of the more complicated aspects of trading CFDs, including the critical aspects of trading psychology and money management principles, the cornerstone of all successful traders.

I highly recommend CFDs made simple for any trader looking to widen their trading into the exciting world of cfds.

Dave Limburg
'The Everyday Trader'

'CFDs Made Simple’ is a welcome and helpful contribution to the growing awareness of CFD trading. This book is a simple, informative and practical explanation of the CFD trading process. The writers present in such a realistic way and have an uncanning ability to communicate an easy to follow formula for succesful trading.

'CFDs Made Simple' is loaded with common sense and it should give readers the confidence to be succesful traders by following sound and relevant principles . A must read for any success-oriented person to make a difference.

Peter Aardoom
Manager Derivative Sales & Dealing